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At Hued, our central mission is to enhance fashion knowledge through peer-to-peer exchange. We are dedicated to establishing the world’s foremost fashion database, serving as the definitive reference point for fashion knowledge. 

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Hued Capture

3-D View

Upload Photo Or Take From Gallery

Easily upload photos or take snapshots of your pieces.

Select Color & Catagories

Categorize items by hue, style, occasion, and price.

Explore Different Styles

Experiment with new looks, save your preferred looks, and delve deeper into prospective purchases whether you're browsing online or in-store.

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App Features!

Fashion Technology Tool

Refine your choices based on your preferred aesthetic and quality standards. Ensure pieces align with your desired color schemes and make informed decisions.

Digital Database

Monitor the latest fashion trends. Explore new collections, designer influences, and emerging brands.

3D- Navigation

Effortlessly visualize your digital and physical wardrobe, whether you're looking to explore new outfit combinations or referencing old looks.

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Who We Are?

Brand Profiles

If you're an emerging brand, designer, or stylist, showcase how others are rocking your creations.


Log the color schemes of your favorite pieces and build your personalized collections.

Fashion Luminary Pathway

Gain recognition for your fashion expertise and help others enhance their style with your knowledge.

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